(Not Quite) Out of the Woods

I’m out of surgery and everything went as expected! I’m on IV drugs to kill a pesky bacterial infection and have a ways to go for healing but Step 1 was a success!  My doctors did a culture on the bacteria that was invading my leg, and wouldn’t you know that it turned out to be a particularly nasty strain of a highly antibiotic resistant bacteria. I just can’t seem to catch a break! Where did it come from? Who knows!

The good news is that I’m on powerful intravenous antibiotics, and the hope is that most of the infection stayed localized to the incisions from my previous surgery rather than getting into my bloodstream. So when the bum leg came off, most of the bacteria went with it! I guess that’s one good thing about the circulation problem I had: it helped prevent the majority of the bacteria from flooding into the rest of my body! Good old antibiotics: just one more reason why I’m so thankful for the science behind modern medicine!

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