Gimme an “M”! Gimme an “R”! Gimme an “S”! Gimme an “A”! What’s that spell?!

Apparently the bacteria that had gotten into my leg is a really bad strain of MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus). It’s such a serious bug that my doctors decided to quarantine me in the ICU! They are not even letting me go outside to do my “business”, but thankfully they put me on a catheter so I don’t wet my bedding. They have me in isolation under constant medical surveillance to monitor my well-being until they can be sure those nasty bacteria don’t get the upper hand.

The good news is that since they now know what strain of bacteria it is, they know which antibiotic to put me on. The bad news is that there is only one antibiotic that can possibly deal with this bacteria, and it’s only available for humans. So guess what? I get to be a guinea pig! They are feeding the human antibiotic to me intravenously using their best estimation of what the correct dosage should be for a canine of my age and weight. (Haven’t I been saying all along that I’m a pioneer?)

Obviously I am highly susceptible to these types of infections, so mommy and daddy have decided no more surgeries for me! Keep sending me those well-wishes for the next few days until I am out of the woods, because if this antibiotic doesn’t mop up the rest of those MRSA bugs then I am going to be in serious trouble because there are no other antibiotics available to help me. Keep your paws crossed for a successful outcome!

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