Who’s Barley, you ask?

Why, me of course!

I’m a yellow Labrador Retriever, born in Tennessee in July 2016 where I was christened Bear. The breeder didn’t want me because I wasn’t “perfect” (I have a congenital birth defect that affects my hind legs). Thanks to The Mia Foundation I was given a 2nd chance at life when a series of wonderful, selfless volunteers drove me north to Rochester, New York to live out my life with a new human pack! They renamed me Barley and now I’m loving my new life!

Follow along with me as I go through a series of surgeries at Cornell University and endure months of physical therapy in an effort to regain a more normal use of my hind legs.  Whatever the outcome, one thing’s for sure: it’s going to be one heck of a journey!

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